Aesthetics vs function- which is more important?

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When designing an office, the balance between aesthetics and function is a challenging one, as both have similar importance in the design process. When this balance becomes tipped in favour of aesthetics, qualities such as comfort and ergonomics may be compromised.

In many modern design cases, the balance between aesthetics and function has become so skewed that functionality is becoming irrelevant. Likely, this is due to the necessity of marketability and how photogenic products and spaces are.

To ensure welfare and productivity, it is vital to incorporate both stylish home interiors and functional ergonomics. For example, a well-designed chair should not only be aesthetically pleasing but also have adjustable controls and actions to manipulate the chair to fit every body shape whilst supporting both back and spine.

The right desk is also a necessity. Extensive surface space is imperative as a great amount of this area can be occupied by essential stationary and technology, hindering movement and thus productivity. Additionally, if you work in an office for more than two days, whether it’s at home or not, you, or your employer, should strongly consider investing in a sit/stand to avoid back pain and establish a healthy and active working position. Research has found that moving from a sitting to a standing position helps the user feel more energised, aids improved concentration, increases productivity, reduces back problems and burns up to three times more calories.

While camera-friendly aesthetics may be compromising the ‘comfort factor’ in many designs, it is not to say that aesthetics do not still have a fundamental importance. Aesthetic aspects like the appearance, texture, and finish of an object provide important information about its function, its quality and the manufacturing method used. Therefore, aesthetic features cannot only be leveraged to allow an object to look appealing, but also to explain what it is and what you can do with it. 

Consequently, a balance of the two is required for a successful result. The classic design principle ‘form follows function’ suggests that form and function should be balanced whilst communicating its main functionality correctly. Let’s hope future trends consider the practical and emotional needs of the end user, without negotiating comfort for cool.

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