Electric desks versus manual heigh adjustable desks

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Electric height adjustable desks or manual

There are many innovative height adjustable desk formats on the market, each of which provide different ways for office workers (and home office advocates) to decide the height at which they are most comfortable working.

Unsurprisingly, electric desks and manual height adjustable desks both provide a unique set of pros and cons – let’s take a look at the key solutions available to buy: 

Manual height adjustable desks

This type of desk has become increasingly popular in recent years. With early variations appearing in the late-1990s, they have now become a mainstay of agile office spaces which want the benefits of standing and sitting without the need for too many techie adjustments.

By remaining manual, these desks can be moved easily to wherever they are needed, and yet also adjusted to the height which is most effective for the user. They provide a fantastic gateway for both sitting at a desk or standing up for greater efficiency.

However, there are of course a few cons to choosing a manual height adjustable desk. Some may find the manual mechanism too fiddly or unpredictable, and instead favour a more reliable electronic height adjustable desking system.

Electric desks

Some people might be put off electric desks, largely due to the fear their electricity bill will go through the roof. However, this is an unnecessary fear, as there are many eco-friendly, low-energy options on the market. This helps to make electric desks more accessible than you may initial think.

An added benefit of electric desks is that this techie option is also a great way to incorporate smarter solutions into your workplace or home office, without breaking the bank in the process. Generally easy to use and requiring only minimal effort to set up, your electric desk will be ready to go in no time at all.

Autonomy electric height adjustable desk

Motorised desks

Motorised desks remain a popular option for many offices and home office set-ups. They are often an infinitely affordable choice and provide the flexibility of investing in a more techie solution than standard office seating, while still requiring no electronic setup to get going.

As with other forms of height-adjustable desk, a motorised desk frees up the user to choose a height which matches their requirements.

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