Ergonomic office chairs can help reduce back pain

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Ergonomic office chair

Recent research from the NHS has found links with excessive seating and being overweight, obesity, diabetes and chronic back pain. Further research suggests that sitting on an ergonomic office chair can improve your comfort and the health of your back.  

When it comes to choosing an ergonomic chair the purchaser must consider the size of the operator, how it fits the body and its adjustability.  A chair that has been ergonomically designed should support a person’s body including the types of activity that they are undertaking; it should be safe and easy to use, as well as promoting movement and most importantly shouldn’t cause discomfort, pain or injury to the body. FIRA (Furniture Industry Research Association) advises that the seat must also be compatible with the workstation, especially height so that it is preferential to have seating that it adjustable. 

The most common attribution of discomfort and pain at work is poor seated posture. Good ergonomic seating helps to reduce stress and injury that can be caused to muscles & joints whilst encouraging movement, variety and flexibility.

Ergonomic office chair key features 

  • A well designed chair should have a recline tilt to help reduce strain on the users back

  • A seat angle tilt adjustment so that the user can tilt forwards thus rotating & encouraging movement of the pelvis

  • The chair should allow for height adjustment as well as depth adjustment including height adjustable armrests.

  • The backrest should allow for change to the angle and should have a gentle curve to allow the seat to make contact with & fit to the users’ back.

  • A headrest is particularly helpful for those with neck and shoulder problems; this addition can increase blood flow and allow muscles to relax within this region of the body.   

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Furniturise is an online store offering the latest office furniture designs focusing on ergonomics and well-being in the workplace & in the home office. Our mission is to provide a range of ergonomic office chairs and desking ranges that are affordable and comfortable. We believe in making your office the home of your business by combining ergonomics, value, quality and design. 

Furniturise is a sister company of Century Office that has over 40 years' of experience in supplying office furniture and operates under the COE Group headquartered in Colchester, Essex. Furniturise provides the perfect solution for professionals working from home, as well as SMEs that operate from a small office space. For more information, visit 

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