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Furniturise has launched an online store offering the latest office furniture designs that focus on ergonomic seating and furniture which promotes well-being within the home office and workplace.

Recent studies show that the number of people opting to work from home has risen to 1.5million. It has been proven that many are now shunning the office for a more flexible life, as this figure has increased by a fifth within the last ten years. Even though employees are abandoning the office it is still crucial that professionals are equipped with comfortable and ergonomically friendly furniture to support the long hours whilst working from home. 

Furniturise's mission is to provide a range of affordable & comfortable ergonomic office chairs and desking ranges for SMEs and individual professionals who have set up office at home. The online collection offers customers value for money, high quality and technologically advanced, ergonomic design.  

A sit stand desk simply refers to a work station that can be adjusted in height by the user, so they can carry out every day work tasks both sitting and standing. It is recommended that working positions should be changed from sitting to standing every 20-30 minutes, helping to eliminate the chances of developing any of the long-term health risks associated with prolonged sitting.

Poor seating in any work environment means that people have to be sat down for large proportions of their working day, thus creating many health problems that include severe back and neck pain, improper digestion, increased stress levels, varicose veins, and reduced work performance and mood.

Furniturise promotes furniture which reacts to the needs of the human frame whilst incorporating a variety of ergonomically designed seating available in a variety of sizes, shapes, colours, textures and high quality materials. The group also offer a range of desk options to suit any space and style including Autonomy desking which uses the latest in sit-stand technology, to allow for active working.

About Furniturise
Furniturise is an online store offering the latest office furniture designs focusing on ergonomics and well-being in the workplace & in the home office. Our mission is to provide a range of ergonomic office chairs and desking ranges that are affordable and comfortable. We believe in making your office the home of your business by combining ergonomics, value, quality and design.

Furniturise is a sister company of Century Office that has over 35 years' of experience in supplying office furniture and operates under the COE Group headquartered in Colchester, Essex. Furniturise provides the perfect solution for professionals working from home, as well as SMEs that operate from a small office space. For more information, visit www.furniturise.co.uk 

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