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Posted by Furniturise (UK) on in association with Active Working are organising an event on the 28th of April to get Britain out of their chairs, and Colchester-based Furniturise are getting involved. 

On Your Feet Britain promotes the importance of movement throughout the normally sedentary day. According to statistics, brits stay seated for an average of 8.9 hours per day, more than double what’s recommended. 

An excessive amount of sitting can have devastating consequences and can result in a number of health related problems. While bad posture and back/neck pain is a well-known and common development from too much seated work and poorly designed office furniture, other possible outcomes may lead to detrimental health issues such as heart conditions, cancer, dementia, degeneration of muscles and more.

Furniturise, who has over the past five years been designing ergonomic office furniture for both the mass market and the home, are joining the On Your Feet Britain campaign on the 28th of April to continue championing workplace wellbeing.

While the 28th of April is an important date to mark in your calendars, to solve this health epidemic spreading its way through offices all over Britain, more than one day of non-stationary working is required.

To ensure flexible office environments, investing in high quality sit/stand desks will more often than not be the answer. It has been proven that height adjustable desks not only sustain and improve employee health, but also increases productivity and staff retention. While this sounds like a simple enough solution, there are some hurdles to overcome first. 

A multitude of business owners are under the impression that sit/stand desks are massively costly and have too few benefits, hence not warranting an investment.  While this may be a common consensus, it’s not necessarily the case.

Affordable, practical and aesthetically pleasing sit/stand desking are not solely for large corporations, the small business owner can now kit their workplace out with contemporary sit/stands that will boost employee’s wellbeing and productivity without costing a fortune.

Furniturise’s sit-stand desks all live up to the promise of being cost-effective without compromising on high quality. A testament to this notion is Furniturise’s sit-stand solution Liberty. With its electric height adjustment, the desk utilises the latest technology allowing the desk to be increased from 715mm to 1190mm at the touch of a button; giving users the power over their office workspace. 

It is also wise for employers to remember that supplying staff with sit/stand desks will benefit not only the employee but also the business owner. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has estimated that 30.4 million working days were lost due to work-related illness and injury in 2015/16, harmful to not only workers but also to companies at large. So to ensure that an active and flexible working environment is created, join Furniturise, and a multitude of other companies, to get Britain standing by signing up to On Your Feet Britain. But don’t simply stop there, help establish and maintain a healthy workforce and a thriving business by investing in high quality sit/stand desks. The outcome will most definitely make you happy that you decided to get on your feet. 



About Furniturise
Furniturise is an online store offering the latest office furniture designs focusing on ergonomics and well-being in the workplace & in the home office. Our mission is to provide a range of ergonomic office chairs and desking ranges that are affordable and comfortable. We believe in making your office the home of your business by combining ergonomics, value, quality and design.

Furniturise is a sister company of Century Office that has over 35 years' of experience in supplying office furniture and operates under the COE Group headquartered in Colchester, Essex. Furniturise provides the perfect solution for professionals working from home, as well as SMEs that operate from a small office space. For more information, visit 

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