Next generation office furniture design

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When considering office design, the balance between aesthetics and function is a challenging one. It can be tricky to not let the scales get tipped in favour of aesthetics while qualities such as comfort and ergonomics are compromised.

For Steve Bays, Managing Director and Chief Designer at Furniturise, functionality and affordability is key. He comments, ‘Often I see some fabulous looking products, but the flaws in their design just screams out at me. Chairs designed for their looks rather than their functionality and often have little or no adjustment, so while they may look pretty, the user is very likely to suffer from aches and pains caused by an ill-fitting chair.’

To ensure welfare and productivity, it is important to understand that while aesthetically pleasing design should be valued – functionality and ergonomics cannot be forgone in favour for the “look” of the office. To achieve this, chose a sit/stand desk which can assist you in avoiding back pain and to establish a healthy and active working position. Furthermore, ensure that you acquire a well-designed office chair that has adjustable controls that can be manipulated to suit a variety of shapes and sizes whilst supporting the back and spine.


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