Reduce your injury risk with an ergonomic desk

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You might have already heard the term workplace ergonomics, as more and more workplaces focus on making sure employees feel comfortable at work as well as being productive. The very same principles apply to home office spaces.

The right ergonomic office equipment will help you stay on track of your daily office work while still ensuring optimum comfort and physical health. Here’s a closer look at how ergonomic desks can reduce your workplace injury risks and help you achieve your goals.

Why an ergonomic desk setup?

Every office considers the need for comfort alongside the need for productivity, but it is only more recently that new ergonomic solutions have made both goals more attainable, regardless of the budgetary concerns and office layout restrictions a company may have.

Ergonomic desks are focused keenly on helping workers attain the optimum desk height, which in turn can help reduce injury in the workplace. In addition to this major benefit, ergonomic desk setups can also help companies to:

Reduce workplace stress

This benefit will help positively impact the productiveness of employees and help them feel more supported and contented at work. In turn, the reduction of workplace stress has been found to have a positive impact on the speed and quality of work produced.

Boost focus

Focused employees get more done. When a member of staff is feeling comfortable and secure at their desk, they are free to think about the task at hand, rather than their back pain or straining their neck to view a computer monitor.

Liberty ergonomic desk for home offices

Improve engagement

The ability to flexibly adjust desks also gives your employees a chance to engage more effectively with the workplace environment and their to-do list. Several studies concluded that standing desks are great for concentration, yet other employees may find sitting suits them far better. An ergonomic desk leaves room for both options and provides a more individualised way to organise your desk space.

Choosing your ergonomic desk

There is no single desk height which provides a one-size-fits-all solution for every office space or home office, but individuals can adjust their ergonomic desk to suit their preferences. At Furniturise, we specialise in ergonomic furniture which focuses on affordability, quality, value and great design.

Whether browsing for desks to suit a commercial office space or seeking something comfortable for your home office, our expert team can help you find your perfect match. Browse all ergonomic desks >>

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