The importance of design for the home office

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Working from home is an exciting prospect and one that evokes a sense of comfort, but there is a fine line between comfort and casual. When designing a home office it is important to find a balance between stylish domesticity and functional ergonomics to ensure welfare and productivity. Adding wall art or accent colours, seating for visitors/clients as well as an ergonomically designed chair and desk with appropriate lighting can create the ultimate contemporary interior. Luckily this has never been easier as high quality office design no longer hasto break the bank.

Furniture plays a key role in defining your workspace at home and the pieces that you choose should be designed with ergonomics in mind to promote well-being whilst conducting your daily work tasks.

A well designed chair should not only be pleasing to the eye but also have adjustable controls to adapt and fit every body shape whilst supporting the back and the spine. Foot rests and wrist pads are also essential as they decrease pressure, allowing these parts of the body to relax.

The right desk is often overlooked but is a necessity. It is for example important that the surface space is extensive as much of this area can be occupied by paper trays, pencil cups, notepads, telephone and your computer, leaving movement and productivity restricted. Additionally, if you work more than two days from home you should consider investing in a sit-stand to avoid back pain and establish a healthy and active working position at all times. Research has found that moving from a sitting to standing position helps the user feel more energised, aiding better concentration, increased productivity, reduced back problems and burn up to three times more calories!

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Furniturise is an online store offering the latest office furniture designs focusing on ergonomics and well-being in the workplace & in the home office. Our mission is to provide a range of ergonomic office chairs and desking ranges that are affordable and comfortable. We believe in making your office the home of your business by combining ergonomics, value, quality and design.

Furniturise is a sister company of Century Office that has over 35 years' of experience in supplying office furniture and operates under the COE Group headquartered in Colchester, Essex. Furniturise provides the perfect solution for professionals working from home, as well as SMEs that operate from a small office space. For more information, visit 


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