Why choose an electric height adjustable desk for your home office?

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With so many of us working from home, choosing a electric height adjustable desk is the perfect way to make home offices feel more effective and welcoming!

Height adjustable desks first came to prominence during the late-1990s, under the umbrella term of ‘sit-stand’ desks. The difference between this early format and a height adjustable desk is that the latter can sometimes be manually or electrically adjusted, adding more ease of use.

More and more workplaces are opting for a, electric height adjustable desk, and all the same principles can also be of benefit to home offices. If you are not sure whether to make the leap, here a few key factors to consider: 

Electric height adjustable desks are perfect for boosting productivity

We all want to make our working days more efficient – and working from home often means battling more distractions than the office.

Studies have shown that an electric height adjustable desk gives productivity a big boost. When they were first unveiled, productivity was a big concern for early adopters, but because of the positive impacts on wellbeing, it has been found that these desks are a big win for productivity when compared to standard desk formats.  

Sit/stand desks can help reduce back pain

Aches and pains are commonplace after a day spent staring at a screen, but there are ways to help reduce its impact. Multiple studies show employees with back pain benefit from a standing desk or adjustable option. By choosing an electric height adjustable desk, you can select where to position your desk space, ultimately alleviating back and neck pain.

For anyone who has reached the end of their working day in pain, this is sure to offer some welcome relief.

Electric desks add flexibility to your workspace

Working from home often means making the most of a small amount of space. Whether you’re blessed with a vast home office or more humble surroundings, an electric height adjustable desk will help you maximise the usability of the space available, as well as adapting it to suit changing circumstances. This is the same reason why these desks have become popular in workplaces – they allow the user to adjust to their own requirements.

Looking to buy a new height adjustable desk? Furniturise is an online store based in Colchester, Essex. The brand offers the latest furniture finds with a focus on ergonomics and wellbeing for both workplaces and home offices. With added emphasis on affordability as well as great design, it’s the perfect place to find your next desk.

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