Electric Standing Desk Frame with a Dual Motor | Autonomy Pro

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An electric standing desk frame with dual motor that is simple to assemble and set-up. 

The Autonomy Pro height adjustable dual motor desk frame helps keep you active at work or in the home office. Raise and lower the desk frame from 640mm to 1300mm at the touch of a button - one of the largest variable movements on the market. The digital display and controller is equipped with an up and down button, a home button set at 720mm and two memory set buttons. The control operates the movement of the three-part telescopic legs at a rate of 30mm per second. An even lift is ensured by an intelligent regulator, which introduces temporary lock down when over used. For low energy consumption the frame switches to sleep mode after a period of inactivity. The Autonomy Pro desk frame can lift evenly up to an incredible 130kgs.

The frame is telescopic and can be fitted to these desk top sizes: 1200x800mm/600mm, 1400x800/600mm, 1600x800/600mm, 1800x800/600mm. The standard frame (800-1800mm) length of the worktop arms: 600mm and the length of the feet: 750mm. The crescent frames fit desktops 1400/ 1800x1200x800-600mm. The radial frames fit desktops 1600/ 1800x1600x800x800mm. The conference radial fit desktops 2000/ 2200x1600-1000D-600mm.

Why choose a standing desk frame? 

Standing desks have been finding their way into an increasing amount of offices in recent years, however, they still don’t have the presence they should. 

Ergonomics are essential in the office environment. Purchasing good ergonomic desks and seating will improve your quality of living by minimising pressure on muscles and joints, increasing blood flow, preventing muscle deterioration, improving posture, and preventing back and neck pain. This is why it’s important that employers offer electric (height adjustable) standing desks to all workers and not just those with pre-existing conditions. 

Research has also shown that standing desk improves concentration and productivity, and can even help to burn as much as three times as many calories as a standard desk, by encouraging movement throughout the day. 

Once you’ve bought your standing desk, it’s important to use it correctly. Seated work needs to be regularly broken up with standing work; switching from sitting to standing will produce the absolute best results. It’s recommended that, throughout a working day, you should spend a minimum of two hours on your feet, with an ideal of four.

As well as avoiding too much-seated work, remaining in a static standing position should also be avoided. It’s advisable to shift your weight between legs in order to reduce fatigue. As well as shifting weight, you should also frequently adjust the posture of your body throughout the day.

When buying office furniture, go for an electric standing desk  - morale, energy levels, and general wellbeing will increase when ergonomic furniture is introduced into your workspace.